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Colorful Dreams Portfolio

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Fashion Showcase Presentation

Brand new AE CS4 Template – Fashion Showcase
Modern and fashion video presentation that suit for show off your portfolio, corporate product, presentation, fashion, event, promo, concert, anything 🙂
It’s meant to be clean, simple, elegant, colors, corporate and modern

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Announcing Microlancer

Today is a big day at Envato as we have a really exciting announcement to make. For the last three months, a new team has been hard at work deep in the bowels of Envato HQ (it’s actually really nice!) on our latest product. We’re really pumped to share this with you and hope you can see the possibilities it will open up within the Envato ecosystem. It’s called Microlancer, and Collis wanted to record a little message to introduce it to you.

Microlancer is going to be a new way for freelancers to connect with buyers who are interested in getting small-scale creative jobs done simply, transparently, safely and quickly. We have built a platform which allows buyers to easily explore a world of different services they can buy, such as logo customisation, photo retouching and many more. We want to create a virtual shopfront for small creative services. Buyers will choose a service they want from a service provider they like. They’ll be able to see upfront everything from price to turnaround time to number of revisions to work samples. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting, no surprises. When they’re happy to proceed, we’ll facilitate the transaction from start to finish.

We believe that for small jobs, it doesn’t make sense for buyers to have different freelancers bid on their job and then assess whether those freelancers can do the job. At Microlancer we’ll be reviewing all the services on the site, ensuring that buyers have a quality experience. Getting a little job done should be as easy as picking a great freelancer and getting started.

We’re aiming to make life easier for our service providers too! Firstly, we’ll connect you with a huge network of potential buyers who are after your services. You’ll have a profile and service pages, and the power of the enormous Envato network bringing you buyers. Admin work like tracking jobs, communication and taking payment will all be handled for you.

Photo Slide Showcase

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Project Informations
– Full HD 1920×1080
– The project is easy to be customized
– No Plugins Required
– 18 Photo/Video Placeholders
– 8 Text and Logo holders
– Openning and Shutdown Logo and Text
– Change color (main background, opening bg, shutdown bg, separators…)
– Social Networks Card
– Bokeh On/Off
– Duration 1:03

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Slideshow III – After Effects Template – Videohive

Slideshow III Show pictures with Descriptions and Style.

  • 3 Versions Included: 15 Photos / 30 Photos / 45 Photos

Main Features

  • After Effects CS4 Project File, CS5 Compatible.
  • HDTV 1920×1080.
  • 15 Photo Placeholders + 30 and 45 Photo Versions.
  • Up to 45 Text Holders (Can be disabled if not wanted).
  • Intro Text Placeholder (Full screen ready to be used).
  • Final Text Placeholder (Full screen ready to be used).
  • 1:45 min duration. (30 PH 3:15 min and 45 PH 4:45 min duration)
  • Stylish and attention graber transitions.
  • Video Tutorial to help costumization Process.
  • No 3rd-party plug-ins required.
  • Estimated time rendering 15 – 20 min.